Annual Report 2015

Task 5 - Exchange and Assessment of Ocean Energy Device Project Information and Experience


The mission of Task 5 - The Exchange and Assessment of Ocean Energy Device Project Information and Experience - is to accelerate ocean energy device project development by promoting the sharing, interchange, evaluation, and compilation of information from participating member countries.

To this end, Annex V is sponsoring a series of workshops, bringing international experts together to contribute and exchange data that can be used to develop an assessment of the fundamental knowledge of ocean energy. Two workshops have been held; the first was on the site development and operations for open water testing and the second was on computational modeling and analysis of marine energy converters, with two additional workshops being planned.


Robert Thresher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on behalf of the Department of Energy (DOE), U.S.

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Since 2012, Task 5 has conducted three exchange workshops, in which participating members presented, collected, and reviewed project information, experience, and data. This Task has facilitated the presentation of projects from participating member countries in the areas of open ocean testing methods and test center operation as well as the verification and validation of computational modeling methods and reliability aspects of marine energy devices.

Workshop III: Designing For Reliability of Wave and Current Marine Energy Converters
Electricity Museum, Lisbon, Portugal, February 2015
An essential and necessary consideration for the design and cost-effective commercial operation of this technology is the reliability of the devices to operate for extended periods of time under harsh marine conditions. Reliability of the devices must be considered early in the design phase in order to significantly impact both the initial capital cost and the operation and maintenance costs for a long life. This workshop in February 2015 aimed to share information and knowledge on device analysis and design methods for assuring survivability, structural integrity, and fully operational power generation between scheduled maintenance events, as well as the needed support mechanisms to develop the envisioned high reliability technology. 

The workshop was hosted by WavEC Offshore Renewables in Lisbon, Portugal. There were 22 participants from 7 countries that gave 13 presentations on research into the reliability of ocean energy converters. The final report is available at:

Task 5 is planning to hold the final workshop on Ocean Energy Policies in May 2016.