Annual Report 2015

Task 9 - International Ocean Energy Technology Roadmap

Roadmaps are an effective tool to underpin the identification of priority focus areas and investments to accelerate ocean energy technology development, allowing LCOE reductions to be realised. Additionally, roadmaps can facilitate the creation of international frameworks to accelerate the development and adoption of low carbon technologies. Unified international policies are a key step towards a successful marine energy industry and then the creation of an international roadmap is very important to achieve that goal.

The overall object of the ocean energy technology roadmap is to achieve LCOE targets within the ocean energy sector. This requires principal focus on two key areas: Reliability improvement and Performance Improvement. 
Specific objectives of the work include:

  • Identification of the key gaps in knowledge in Ocean Energy technologies that are currently hindering cost reduction.
  • To prioritise research and innovation activity requirements according to the previously mentioned challenges (both in the short term and the long term) for the efficient and effective progression of the ocean energy sector, overcoming the challenges and realising significant cost reductions.
  • Engaging and mobilizing the supply chain for device and project developers to tap into experience and expertise from other industrial sectors, such as shipbuilding, fishing and aquaculture.
  • Identify development timelines and milestones in order to measure and track progress, and ultimately the cost reductions, against OES expectations of the sector.

October 2014 – March 2015

Henry Jeffrey, The University of Edinburgh, UK

Roger Bagbey, Cardinal Engineering
John Huckerby, Power Projects
Srikanth Narasimalu, Energy Research Institute




Additional benefits of this project will ensure:

  • Influence in research and innovation funding strategies to address the relevant ocean energy priorities.
  • The encouragement of closer collaboration and knowledge exchange between research organisations and technology developers and others outside of the existing ocean energy community.
  • Underpinning research that enhances international collaboration, whilst influencing and guiding both political and business decision makers.
  • The identification of correct policies and measures, implementation timescales, and specific topics on which to focus R&D and business investments to accelerate ocean energy technology development.

This project will lead to the production of:

  • The underpinning information for an updated OES Vision Paper.
  • Development of critical technology development strategy timelines.
  • Identification and prioritisation of innovation synergies and commonalities between both countries and sectors.