Annual Report 2015

Collaboration with International Organisations


IRENA workshop “Island Energy Transitions: Pathways for Accelerated Uptake of Renewables”, Martinique, 22 - 24 June 2015

This workshop was organized aiming to provide an opportunity to discuss concrete options for renewable energy development on islands. Resource, technology, market, financing and other asaects of renewable energy development on islands were reviewed in depth. OES participated in this workshop exchanging views and experiences with many stakeholders. Based on this dialogue a set of recommendations were prepared for each energy sector, including marine energy development for islands.

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The Future of the Ocean Economy

OES has been collaborating with the OECD project “The Future of the Ocean Economy: Exploring the prospects for emerging ocean industries to 2030”. The objective of the project is to conduct a global forward-looking assessment of the ocean economy to 2030, with special emphasis on the development potential of emerging ocean-based activities. For practical purposes, the project divides the ocean economy into established marine activities and emerging ocean-based activities. The project explores the growth prospects for the ocean economy and its potential for employment creation. Following the joint OECD/OES WORKSHOP “Exploring the Prospects for Marine Renewable Energy to 2030” organised in May 2014 within the framework of the OECD Project, OES prepared a discussion paper submitted to the OECD.

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The International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INORE) is an association of early stage researchers and professionals working in the fields of offshore wind, wave, tidal and ocean thermal energy conversion.

This network brings together many people with varied expertise and areas of interest, reflecting the need to communicate among the many disciplines involved in offshore energy. 

The OES encourages this network and provides annual financial sponsorship for specific activities conducted by INORE, particularly to develop membership in new regions. One example of supporting international collaboration work is the “International Collaborative Incentive Scholarships” (ICIS scheme), whereby pairs or groups of researchers from at least two different countries are awarded a small bursary to fund (usually travel) expenses that will allow a piece of work to be carried out at one of the group member’s organisations.

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