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Annual Report 2015
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Julien De Rouck and Tim Verbrugghe University of Ghent

The Gen4Wave platform was founded in 2012 and is a blue energy stakeholders’ organisation. This platform is used for optimizing the use of maritime expertise and (wave and tidal) test facilities between the industry, universities and government.

Mermaid has received the concession for their plans to build a combined wind and wave energy park in the 7th and most northern part of the Domain Concession Zone. THC Mermaid is a partnership that consists of 65% of Otary RS and 35% of Electrabel (GDF SUEZ). Otary is a collaboration of Aspiravi, Electrawinds, Nuhma, Power@Sea, Rent-APort, Socofe and SRIW Environment.

In the tidal sector, the Belgian company DBE (Deme Blue Energy) has an agreement (together with DP marine Energy) for lease from the Crown Estate for 2 big tidal turbine projects with only 60 km distance in between: 30 MW in Islay (8 km off the tip of the Rhinns) and 100 MW in Fair Head (www.deme.be).

Depending on the results of the FlanSea I project a possible continuation is under investigation. In this FlanSea II project the emphasis is on the development, which involves deployment of one or multiple wave energy convertorsof bigger scale and/or alternative for the Power Take Off.

Laminaria is planning a deployment at the EMEC test site in 2017. The aim is to create a win-win situation by supplying the Scottish grid with clean reliable energy and creating employment in Flanders in the development and construction of the devices.