127 OES Annual Report 2015 | PORTUGAL | Technology Demonstration
Annual Report 2015
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Ana Brito e Melo & Antonio Falcão WavEC & IST



Pico Plant
On the Island of Pico, Azores, WavEC has been running, since 2004, an OWC wave energy pilot plant (www.pico-owc.net). This plant was built in 1995-1998 with support from the European Commission. Pico OWC is a unique structure, allowing testing commercially-sized air turbines and auxiliary systems (up to ~700kW), as well as research studies on fatigue/corrosion problems in a very rough (real) environment for the equipment.

The plant is grid connected and has been permanently improved by WavEC with its own, minimal means. It has been providing operation data and training for young researchers.



AW-Energy has built a full scale test facility; it is situated in a workshop in Finland. It consists of a full scale hydraulic power production machine “sea side” and a full scale hydraulic Power Take-Off (PTO). Real measured wave data is fed into the control system of the machine. The behaviour of the WaveRoller panel is simulated and the output of the simulations are mechanical movements and forces which move the real full scale PTO and create hydraulic power and finally the generator produces electric power. The produced electricity is fed via frequency converter to the grid of the workshop. The quality and amount of the produced electricity can be measured. The functioning of the PTO system can be improved with the help of this new test machinery.



AW-Energy is further developing the WaveRoller wave energy converter. In 2016, AW-Energy is going to deploy a new full scale grid connected WaveRoller in Peniche, Portugal. The year 2015 was used for the engineering work of this new device. AW-Energy has worked with a certification body, Lloyd’s Register, which has given AW-Energy the Statement of Feasibility Certificate according to DNV RP-A203. The certification work continues towards type certification.

The Australian company, Bombora Wave Power, is planning its first real scale deployment to take place in Peniche. Feasibility studies have been initiated and during next year the company will apply for the licensing of a first experimental unit.