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Annual Report 2015
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Keyyong Hong Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering



The 200kW High Temperature-Difference Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (H-OTEC) by KRISO in Goseong was completed in December 2014. The performance assessment for the 200kW H-OTEC plant was carried out by the qualified institute, the cycle efficiency was shown as 7.7% under the 70ºC temperature differences. It is in the process of utilizing an unused energy such as geothermal heat around coast area and waste heat from combined heat and power plant. Seawater heat pump systems of 500RT (1750kW) and 100RT (350kW) to supply the cooling and heating energy were installed for the abalone and fish aquaculture facilities, which use the effluent discharged from power plant and coastal seawater, respectively.

INWave, a point absorbing developed by INGINE Inc., was installed in Jeju costal water in 2015. The pilot plant of 135 kW capacity is currently in commissioning stage and will be connected to local grid in March 2016. The INWave system increases energy absorbing efficiency by utilizing both vertical and horizontal movements of disk-like buoys, which are connected by energy converting pulleys.

The process of updating the 300kW wave energy converter is being continued by KRISO and MOF as the pilot plant of a pendulum-activated floating WEC is currently being constructed in a shipyard for sea test in 2017. The system is featured by a robust rotary-vane hydraulic pump which is greatly durable under the repeated wave impact.

An active-controlled tidal energy converter has been developed by KIOST since 2011 and its detail design was completed in 2015. It is expected that the pilot plant of 200kW will be installed for sea test in 2016. The system is applicable to shallow sea conditions (>20m).

The project for the establishment, installation and operation of 1MW OTEC plant will be launched in mid- 2016 by KRISO and MOF. The plant will be operated in the area of the equatorial Pacific Ocean as the suitable overseas location. The development project is expected to be completed by 2020.


200kW H-OTEC in Goseong

135kW INWave on Jeju