135 OES Annual Report 2015 | SINGAPORE | Technology Demonstration
Annual Report 2015
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Dr. Srikanth Narasimalu, Ms. Mary Ann Joy Quirapas, Mr. Ly Duy Khiem and Dr. Michael Abundo Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N)




ERI@N has designed, prototyped, and installed a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) for harnessing the jetty berth’s pontoon movement due to waves and converting the mechanical power into electrical power. The WEC is presently coupled with its own roller as a system which is separated from existing pontoon rollers to ensure the safety of pontoon operations. Eventually the whole system will substitute the existing support rollers to function as both pontoon movement guides and energy extraction devices.

The technology developed in this project can be further matured from the initial proof-of-concept to the proof-ofvalue stage through collaboration with an industry partner, which can commercialise the product. A funding support scheme could then help to take this forward. The application of such technology is not limited to shore based installations - it can be further extended to use in ships and other marine vessels and installations (e.g. offshore rigs, aquaculture platforms, etc.).

Existing roller, pontoon, and jetty berth at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal