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Annual Report 2015
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Maria Olsson Swedish Energy Agency


Offshore Väst, which has been mentioned before, gathers several companies, universities, institutes and authorities in projects supporting the offshore sector in Sweden. Also mentioned above, the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden is a project funded by the Region of Västra Götaland and involves universities and research institutes in West Sweden. Relevant conferences taking place in Sweden are the Swedish Maritime Day and StandUp for Energy.

Swedish Maritime Day, which is held every year, gathers stakeholders from academy, industry and the public sector. The conference is not only focused on offshore energy but also in areas like shipping, biotechnology, marine environment, etc. StandUp for Energy is a research alliance between Uppsala University, KTH, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Luleå University of Technology, focusing on areas such as renewable energy production (marine energy included), electricity grid, electric and hybrid vehicles and energy system. Conferences are held twice a year and are attended by companies and policy makers.

In the beginning of 2015, SP held a workshop for two days at the British Embassy in Stockholm together with Innovate UK and SuperGen Marine gathering researchers in different fields of expertise.