151 OES Annual Report 2015 | UNITED KINGDOM | Technology Demonstration
Annual Report 2015
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Ifediba Egwuatu DECC


Pre-commercial demonstration tidal array projects:

  • The World’s first multi-turbine tidal array project, MeyGen Phase 1A (7 MW) in the Pentland Firth in Scotland. This is the first phase of a planned up to 400MW project.
  • Pending a 12-month trial of the DeltaStream device in the Ramsey Sound, TEL will join forces with majority shareholder Eco2 to install up to nine DeltaStream machines off St Davids Head in Pembrokeshire to create a 10 MW commercial array. Pre-commercial wave array projects at wavehub:
  • Carnegie Wave Energy Limited, CETO 6 device, 10- 15MW wave array project.
  • Fortum, testing wave energy converter devices, 10MW wave array project.
  • Simply Blue Energy Ltd, Seabased wave energy technology, 10MW wave array project.


Tidal Range schemes:

  • Tidal Lagoon Power (TLP), privately funded 320MW Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project. Demonstration Facility
  • Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre, 30 MW pre-consented commercial tidal array demonstration facility in the Isle of Wight. It is anticipated that the facility will be fully operational around 2018.