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Annual Report 2015
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Xia Dengwen National Ocean Technology Centre



Zhejiang University (ZJU): ZJU turbines (60kW/120kW) are semi-direct drive floating H-axis turbines. The ZJU turbines have been deployed near Zhairuoshan Island for sea trial since May 2014; the amount of electricity generated has accumulated to more than 23MWh till October 2015, with the maximum instantaneous output power of 118kW and the conversion efficiency of 0.371. MOST inspected and concluded the project on 27 October 2015. A new 300 kW turbine based on ZJU turbines will be assembled and tested in 2016 by Guodian United Power Technology Co. and ZJU.

Zhejiang Zhoushan LHD New Energy Corporation Limited (LHD): LHD L-1000 turbines (4×300kW) are fixed V-axis turbines, with cut-in speed of 0.7m/s and cut-out speed of 4m/s. The modular turbines have been assembled and will be deployed on Xiushan Island in January 2016.

DaLian University of Technology (DLUT): DLUT turbine (15 kW) is a V-axis turbine. The DLUT turbine has been deployed near Changshan Island for sea trial since 2013. The maximum output power is 8 kW, and the conversion efficiency is 0.25. The project was concluded in May 2015.





Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS): By April 2014, Sharp Eagle I (10 kW) floating wave energy converter had been running near Wanshan Island for nearly 6000 hours accumulatively, with the total conversion efficiency of 16.76%. Based on Sharp Eagle I, China Shipping Industry Co. and GIEC jointly developed a 100 kW Sharp Eagle Wanshan converter, the new converter has been deployed for test since November 2015.

Jimei University (JMU): Jida I (10 kW) is a floating wave energy converter composed of 10 oscillating buoys, has been deployed near Xiaodeng Island for sea trial for more than 5000 hours till April 2015. The maximum output power is 3.6kW, with the total efficiency (synergy with wind turbine) of 15%. The project was concluded in October 2015.

Zhejiang Ocean University (ZJOU): Haiyuan I (10 kW) is a floating converter with 3 oscillating buoys, and had been deployed for sea trial on Zhoushan Islands for more than 165 days till May 2014. The total efficiency is about 16.4%. The project was concluded in May 2015.

Shandong University (SDU): SDU WEC (120 kW) is a floating converter. The first 120 kW has been deployed in sea trial for 5 months since November 2012 and retrieved for upgrade. Three new converters were assembled in September 2015 and will be deployed in Weihai test site, Shandong for test.