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Annual Report 2015
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Xia Dengwen National Ocean Technology Centre



Jiangxia Tidal Power Plant: With the support of SFPMRE in 2012, the upgrading project (#1 turbine upgrade) was completed in August 2015; the installed capacity of Jiangxia Plant has increased to 4.1 MW. The new turbine (#1) has been operating for more than 1000 hours and generated electricity of 326MWh until October 2015.



Dawanshan Island Isolated Hybrid Power Demonstration Station: The station comprises a 300 kW wave energy device (Eagle II), 100 kW wind turbines and 300 kW solar panels. The Eagle II wave energy device has been assembled and will be deployed after the manufacture of the mooring system.



Shengshan Island Isolated Hybrid Power Demonstration Station: The station comprises 300 kW wave energy converters (FLB), 150 kW wind turbines, 50 kW bioenergy devices and 25 kW solar heat cells. In October 2014, two 100kW converters were deployed for a 3-month test, and then were retrieved after the damage of hydraulic pipes. The wave energy converters have been deployed for sea trial since December 2015.

Daishan Tidal Current Technology Demonstration Station: the Haineng III (2×300 kW) floating V-axis turbines have been deployed for sea trial in Guishan Channel, Zhejiang, since December 2013, with total conversion efficiency of nearly 30%. In August 2014, Haineng III suspended operation for the breakage of the mooring system. In December 2015, Haineng III was deployed for sea trial in Guishan Channel after the restoration of the mooring system.