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Annual Report 2015
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Kim Nielsen Rambøll


Wave Piston 
In 2015, Wave Piston installed their system technology at DanWEC in order to test new innovative lightweight, lowcost components and solutions to harvest wave power. The technology includes a number of submerged plates on a string stretching between two anchor buoys hold in place by to anchors – the plates will surge and react against each other activating pumps producing pressurized water.

Leancon is a V-shaped structure incorporating 52 OWC chambers. The design and manufacturing of a 24-meter wide scale 1:10 model has been completed more or less single handed by the inventor Kurt Due who launched the WEC in the sea in July 2015.

The project has been funded by Energinet.dk. After a period of six month with four significant storms and exposure to the harsh environment, the structure has been taken to shore for inspections and processing of experience and impact on structure and moorings, before further testing and measurements are undertaken.

The 24 meter long Leancon system was installed in 2015
at the test site in Nissum Bredning

Crestwing consists of two hinged pontoons with a mechanical PTO moored using a flexible three point mooring system developed in co-oporation with Seaflex to minimize the footprint of the installation on both the sea surface and the seabed.

The turret anchor solution allows the WEC to turn 360° and has full automatic connection and disconnection.

Crestwing prototype 10 meter wide 30 meter long 2,5 meter high
with a weight of 60 tons



WaveStar (http://wavestarenergy.com), has announced successful Horizon 2020 contract negotiations and signed a consortium and grant agreement to produce and test the first full scale 1 MW Wavestar. The consortium behind the EU application consists, among others, of STX, IFP EN, DNV and Aalborg, Gent and Cantabria Universities.